JOIN US THIS SUMMER - DoGoodProject 2012


Location:   Coeur d'Alene Elementary School
810 Couer d'Alene Ave, Venice CA  90291   
Date:   Saturday, June 30, 2012
Volunteer Registration:   9:30am (work starts at 10am)
Closing Ceremony:   4pm



We're excited to roll up our sleeves and build Little Free Libraries with Transition Mar Vista and Joyful Activists to use books to build community. We'll be working and playing all day...come join us!

Build & Paint
We're building, painting and filling Library Boxes with books. Bring some gloves and a hammer if you have one.
  Bring a BUCK and a BOOK
We need funds to make this a successful project, so please bring a buck or two for supplies. We also need books to fill the boxes. Bring gently used books to donate to the cause.
Irv's Storytime
Great story: check. Great storyteller: check. We just need the illustrations! Help create the pages for a real, to-be-published book in this interactive storytime activity. At the end of our tour, Mark Pontius (Foster The People) will pull out his colored pencils to illustrate the cover!
  Sneaker Art
Decorate a sweet pair of kicks and turn it into art. San Diego-based MOVMT Shoes is going to show us how to be creative with recycled materials and show us exactly what it means to “look good, do good, feel good.” 
We Need Your Help With Supplies
We need volunteers to help us build, but we also need help gathering supplies to make the project a success. Take a look at the list below and send an email to Chandler if you can bring any of these items. You can also donate to help with supplies.

Pieces and parts of reclaimed wood:
  • Old garage doors and windows
  • Smashed mail boxes and old corrugated metal
  • Discarded deck railing and plastic lattice
  • Coffee cans, soup cans, old rulers and screw drivers
  • Oak barn stalls, dog houses, bells and screw driver handles
  • Discarded materials from building sites (ask first)
3/4" Plywood Pieces (15 7/8” long x 23 7/8)   STILL NEED
1/2" Plywood Pieces (15 7/8” long x 23 7/8)   STILL NEED
1 5/8" Galvanized Exterior Screws 200 STILL NEED
Various Pieces of Scrapwood (16" +)   STILL NEED
Basic Hinges 25 STILL NEED
Hook & Eye Latches 25 STILL NEED
Caulk & Caulk Gun   STILL NEED
Small Paint Rollers 20 STILL NEED
2 -3" Paint Brushes 50 COMPLETE
Plastic Drop Cloths   STILL NEED
Saw Horse 4 sets COMPLETE
Wood Glue 4 bottles STILL NEED
Exterior Paint and Stains (all colors) various STILL NEED
Primer (Kilz)   STILL NEED
Paint Trays and liners various STILL NEED
Arts & Crafts Items to decorate boxes (shells, buttons, etc.)   STILL NEED
Blue Painter's Tape 6 rolls STILL NEED


What if I can't make it for registration?

We will need help all day long and there will be someone at the registration table to help find a place for you to jump in and help.

Will you have food and water at the event?

We will have water available, but please bring a bottle of your own to stay hydrated. We'll also have lunch available, so bring your appetite and a few bucks.

Do I need to stay for the whole day?

We understand it's a long day, but we promise to fill it with lots of fun and you won't want to leave. You also won't want to miss the closing ceremony, trust us. However, you're more than welcome to leave whenever you need to.

What is Little Free Libraries?
Community members, called stewards, have a Library Box installed in their front yard and fill it with books. People in the community then use the box as a little library to trade and share books. You can read more about the movement here.

Saving The Arts

We believe in the importance of having an opportunity to be creative in school and as a young person in general -- and we want to share that message.

We are planning some truly amazing art projects along the tour and need funds for purchasing supplies. Every dollar truly helps and every dollar will go specifically to art supplies.


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