JOIN US THIS SUMMER - DoGoodProject 2012
  Foster The Future will be gathering volunteers in cities along their North American tour to help give back and create community. We'll be volunteering at food banks, restoring schools, helping the homeless and even playing a few kickball games.

Even if your city isn't listed, the Do Good Project van will be parked outside most of the shows - so be sure to stop by and say hello.

MAY 26* San Diego, CA
JUN 5 Austin, TX
JUN 7 Alpharetta, GA
JUN 11 New York, NY
JUN 13 Cleveland, OH
JUN 16* Detroit, MI
JUN 20 Chicago, IL
JUN 22 Minneapolis, MN
JUN 26 Seattle, WA
JUN 27 Troutdale, OR
JUN 30 Los Angeles, CA
JUL 1 Los Angeles, CA
JUL 3 Morrison, CO
JUL 5 Salt Lake City, UT
JUL 7 Las Vegas, NV
Cities with links have more info on the project. Use the RSVP link to sign up for your city.



Our volunteer activities will be during the day before the Foster The People concert. All you need to do is show up, bring lots of energy and be ready to have fun while you help your community.

You'll need to fill out the RSVP form and tell us a little bit about yourself. Then we will contact you with all the information you'll need. Some of our activities have a capacity limit, so be sure to sign up soon.

*San Diego and Detroit are NOT the same day as the concert.


Our overall focus this summer will be: Saving The Arts.

We believe in the importance of having an opportunity to be creative in school and as a young person in general -- and we want to share that message. Look for the Do Good Project van at each show for an opportunity to learn about a local arts organization doing their best to expose young people to a world of creativity.

There will be a photobooth, cool merch and an opportunity to make some art of your own.

If you know a great ARTS organization in your city, please contact us with more info.

We are planning some truly amazing art projects along the tour and need funds for purchasing supplies. Every dollar truly helps and every dollar will go specifically to art supplies.


We are looking for "above & beyond" volunteers to help with the following:

- Photography
- City Research
- Set up/Break down
- Gathering supplies
- Merch

If any of these tasks excite you, click here and let us know how you can help.

We also like chocolate chip cookies (no nuts) and rice krispy treats.



What will I be doing on a DoGoodProject?
Mostly, you'll be having fun. But more importantly, you'll be making a difference in your community. We'll be sorting items at food banks, helping the homeless, gardening and even playing some kickball.

Will I get to meet the band?
The guys will do their best to come join the fun, but they have a crazy you may have to wait to see them at the show.

I have tickets to the concert. If I help with the DoGoodProject, can I still make it the concert that night?
Of course! You can volunteer with us during the day and we'll make sure you make it to the concert in time.

If I volunteer, do I get tickets to the concert?
The short answer is: no. But who knows...maybe you'll meet someone who has an extra ticket!

How old do I have to be to participate?
Most of the activities are all ages but some non-profits we visit have age requirements or request a legal guardian's permission. All of the age requirements are listed seperately for each city on the RSVP page. If your legal guardian won't be participating with you, please download our release form and bring it with you.




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